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 UNSCDF Field Manual

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PostSubject: UNSCDF Field Manual   Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:00 pm

The UNSCDF Field Manual is divided into separate sections:

1.1 - Rules and Regulations

1.2 - Structure and Ranks

1.3 - Battle Dress Uniforms

1.4 - Court-Martial

1.5 - High Command

The UNSCDF Field Manual is designed to inform and explain the necessary information to be a member in the clan. Please read each section thoroughly. In the case of a court-martial, the Field Manual will be referenced. Below you will find each section labelled. In order to view each section, select the label by left clicking it. Left click the label again in order to hide it again.

1.1 - Rules and Regulations:

1.2 - Structure and Ranks:

1.3 - Battle Dress Uniforms:

1.4 - Court-Martial:

1.5 - High Command:
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UNSCDF Field Manual
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