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 Welcome to the UNSCDF!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the UNSCDF!   Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:51 pm

Hello there.

The UNSCDF is a 'UNSC'-based clan on Halo 5: Guardians. We were first established on Halo: Reach in late 2012 and have been active in stints since then. The UNSCDF has had a rich history within the Halo clan community and we look to continuing the legacy. We operate in branches, and currently have Marines, Spartan IVs and Spartan IIs. When you join, you will automatically be placed in the Marines as a recruit, and you will undergo a 'boot camp' selection phase that will not only prove your worth within the Marines, but will also train you to become the soldier we need you to be. Once you finish your boot camp and you continue your career in the UNSCDF Marines, you may be invited to join a Spartan programme, such as the Spartan IVs, where you will undergo more training to become a Spartan of the UNSCDF. Spartan IVs recruit more frequently than Spartan IIs, and in larger class numbers as well. Spartan IIs very rarely conscript trainees, and when they do, only a few candidates are chosen.


In order to join the UNSCDF, you must meet our requirements to ensure that you are what the clan needs. Do not take it offensively if you do not meet these requirements, and we apologise if that is the case.

-You must be at least 13 years of age
-You must have a working mic (Kinects do not count)
-You must be at least rank 40 (can be wavered)
-You must be active on weekends


Q: How can I join UNSCDF?
A: You can visit our 'Enlistment' section in the forums.

Q: Can I join UNSCDF if I am in another clan?
A: No, you cannot be in another clan whilst a member of UNSCDF.

Q: How does my clan contact UNSCDF for an engagement?
A: You can visit our 'Engagement Request' thread under 'Foreign Affairs', or contact a diplomat (listed under 'Foreign Affairs' also).

Q: Who is the leader of UNSCDF?
A: The UNSCDF does not have an overall leader. Each branch has a leader (CO) and a co-leader (XO).

Q: Does the UNSCDF do 4v4s or 8v8s?
A: At the moment the UNSCDF does not do 8v8s. We do, however, do 4v4s, but these are organized privately, unlike raids and other engagements.

Q: Does the UNSCDF do alliances?
A: The UNSCDF does not do alliances, however we do use standings which are used in correlation with our rules of engagements, which can be found under 'Foreign Affairs'.

Q: If I leave the UNSCDF, can I rejoin?
A: This depends on the situation, however you will most likely be allowed to rejoin after leaving. You will not regain the rank or position you had previously, and if you leave and rejoin excessively you may be refused permission to join again. If you are dishonorably discharged and/or blacklisted from UNSCDF then you are not allowed to join. If you wish to leave temporarily, you may want to consider a Leave of Absence (LOA).
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Welcome to the UNSCDF!
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